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Mayfaire Volunteer Opportunity - April 26, 2005

Want to make a difference in your community? You have a unique opportunity to volunteer at Mayfaire by-the-Lake on Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8, 2005.

On Mother's Day weekend, the Polk Museum of Art and VSA Arts combine our efforts to provide a variety of hands-on art activities which physically and emotionally challenged children and other elementary age children complete side-by-side.

Your 2 hour volunteer commitment is well worth the rich reward of providing these children with exciting creative experiences. To become a volunteer, call the PMOA education department at 688-7743, ext. 227 or 688-5423 before Friday, April 29.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Structure of Emerge and the Steering Committee - April 19, 2005

Kim and I wanted to take an opportunity to explain to everyone the structure of our group and the steering committee. As you know, Emerge is a United Way and Lakeland Chamber partnership and Emerge began with various representation from each side. We joined together to create our steering committee early last year.

The Steering Committee includes Angie and Kim as Co-Chairs, Carolyn Jackson and Ileana San Martin are Chamber staff liasons, Cauney Boydston is the United Way staff liason, Brian Altman is the Board liason for United Way, Angie is the Chamber Board liason, and Patrick Fagan is in charge of Member Relations for Emerge. In 2006, Angie will roll off as Co-Chair and Patrick will come on board as a Chair. We will then select a new Member Relations representative and that person will roll on as a Chair the next year. All of us make up what we call our Core Committee.

Additionally, we have other members who round out the remainder of the Steering Committee and they represent a variety of backgrounds and professions. One of our main goals is diversity and inclusion on our committee and we have worked hard to assemble a group which represents all facets of the community. The steering committee terms are for two years and each year, there will be new ones joining as well as people rolling off, but at all times there will be old mixed with new so that we stay consistent.

As a Steering Committee, we meet monthly for an hour. In the beginning we met twice monthly and throughout our time together, the committee has been charged with selecting a name and logo for our group, creating our mission and laying out the basics of our structure, as well as event planning, communications, forming partnerships with our sponsors and community supporters, encouraging membership, and creating our website.

Each steering committee member has also selected a monthly event that they are in essence responsible for in terms of planning, etc. Stay tuned for the next installment of this post- I will discuss our Events and how our Emerge members can get involved in helping the Steering Committee! The third installment of this post will discuss our strategic planning and some ideas that we have for 2006, so please stay tuned to the blog for more information!

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Posted by Angie Register

Impromptu Events - April 18, 2005

As you can see by the events section, EMERGE has a regularly schedule event each month. In addition to these events we are going to start having some impromptu events. By this I mean get-togethers of EMERGE members in a variety of settings at other times during the month.

Later this month some of us are going to meet at Molly's in downtown Lakeland on Thursday, April 28th right after work. Now I know that planning this a few weeks in advance does not have an impromptu feel, but we need to start somewhere. Interested in coming? Post a comment below or e-mail me. As the date draws closer I will post more details.

If you and some other EMERGE members are planning on getting together sometime let us know and we can help get the word out. This could be planning a group dinner after an EMERGE event, or perhaps getting a group to run the Mayfaire 5K. All you need to do is e-mail: news@emergelakeland.com.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

PMOA Recap - April 18, 2005

EMERGE Lakeland at the Polk Museum of ArtA big thanks to all the EMERGE Lakeland members who were able to attend the event last Thursday night at the Polk Museum of Art. I have post a few photos from the on Flickr. I was able to meet quite a few members that I had not talked to before.

In June our event will be a tour of the Lake Mirror Tower, but I found out at the PMOA event that we have an EMERGE member that is already living in in the Tower. She is one of the first dozen or so to live in downtown Lakeland.

Any issues with living downtown? Parking.

The next scheduled member event is Cocktails with the Commodore. Come join Lakeland Yacht & Country Club Commodore, Ron Clark, for a special evening. Ron Clark was one of the original community leaders who helped start EMERGE Lakeland. Ron was also our first 'Guest Blogger' and is an all-around nice guy.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Polk Museum Event Today 5:30 p.m. - April 14, 2005

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Polk Museum event. We are very excited about this one in terms of location, activities, and the music and food. It will be a great time, so please join us even if you have not RSVP'd!

Our next event, Cocktails with the Commodore, at the Lakeland Yacht and Country Club is free for members to attend, so we hope you can come to this one, too, on Tuesday April 26th at 5:30 p.m.

If you have any questions about any of our events, please e-mail anyone on the steering committee or post a comment. Thanks!

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Posted by Angie Register

Guest Blogger: Clayton Hollis - April 11, 2005

In our continuing 'Guest Blogger' series, EMERGE Lakeland is fortunate to have Clayton Hollis from Publix provide a message for our members.

What an exciting time in the Lakeland community! Having EMERGE begin to mature (in time, not attitude!) has been a joy to see. I think the possibilities for involvement are endless. I just wish I was young enough to be included in this great group!

When one mentions Lakeland, many things come to mind: Florida Southern College, Florida Citrus Mutual, Orange Cup Regatta, Mayfaire, Sun 'n Fun, Detroit Tigers and, oh yes, Publix Super Markets! While most people know about us, and probably have some sort of relationship with us, I thought I'd take a minute to update the group on where we are as a company.

Having started this great company with one little store in downtown Winter Haven in September of 1930, we set up shop in downtown Lakeland in 1945 after purchasing 19 small stores called All American. There was a warehouse across from Munn Park, so Lakeland became our home. In the past 75 years, we've grown to 851 stores (as of March 31), in five southern states (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee), with over 128,000 associates and 2004 sales of $18.6 billion. While this might seem like a very big company, we still see ourselves as this small, family-owned business based in Lakeland. We continue to follow the mantra set by our founder, George W. Jenkins, to operate a better store, make shopping a pleasure and be involved in our communities.

You'll find the Publix name on a thousands of donation lists, but more importantly is that you'll find thousands of Publix associates actively involved in their communities. From serving on boards of non-profit organizations to serving meals at homeless shelters, our associates are most satisfied when "doing". They feel a great deal of satisfaction by helping others. And isn't that what it's all about? I think we've shown that you can be a great, even superior, operator and still keep that personal touch of involvement in your community.

I challenge each of you to find that passion, both in your work world, and your community involvement. Get involved and make a difference!

About Clayton Hollis
Born and raised in Lakeland. Graduated from Santa Fe High School and Florida Southern College. Worked at Publix since the day he turned 16, 32 years ago! Began his career by bagging groceries at Grove Park. Worked in a variety of areas of the company, including construction, but spent most of his time in the store, including managing a store in New Port Richey. As Vice President of Public Affairs, he manages the Government Relations, Corporate Communications, Consumer Relations, as well as Media and Community Relations areas.

Spent a year in a Rotary vocational exchange program with a Swiss supermarket. He has been active on federal industry boards, both the state and Lakeland Chamber boards, as well as various community boards including Florida Southern College. He is a past Chairman of the Florida Retail Federation. Clayton has been honored with various awards for his service both in the industry and the community, including the Glen Woodward Award and the Jere Annis Award.

Married to Beverly, they have two children: Clay and Jill. Active, involved member at First United Methodist Church, he enjoys snow skiing, boating, playing golf, traveling and reading. But mostly, he enjoys spending time with his family!

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Go to the Library, Download a MP3 Audiobook - April 7, 2005

When was the last time you went to the library? Well now you don't need to go to the library to check out a book, you can download it to your computer or MP3 player.

The Lakeland Public Library is introducing a new way of accessing audiobooks by offering a collection of over 500 downloadable audiobooks in MP3 format from Recorded Books/NetLibrary to all library users in Polk County.

Next time you're working out at Gold's Gym or walking Lake Hollingsworth you can listen to a book instead of your favorite playlist.

Check out the Lakeland Public Library web site for all the details. One drawback is that the service does not support iPods.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Philanthropic Opportunities - April 6, 2005

As part of our Emerge mission, we hope that our members will become philanthropically active in organizations within our community. Many of you already sit on Boards of various agencies or volunteer with different groups.

If your group has an event or is in need of help, this is the place to post your information and requests. We encourage everyone to check the site for updates and to stay plugged in.

If we can be of assistance in any way with helping you learn more about various agencies and organizations, please post a comment or contact Cauney Boydston, our United Way staff member, who is part of our steering committee. She is one of our blog contributors and has access to a variety of organizations and events through her work with United Way.

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Posted by Angie Register

Welcome to the Emerge Website - April 5, 2005

As the Co-Chairs of Emerge, we would like to welcome you to the Emerge website. We are very excited to have the website officially up and running. The creation of a website was a key area of concern for us when we initially formed Emerge. We wanted our members and guests to have quick access to information concerning Emerge as well as a forum to communicate online with other Emerge members and guests.

We encourage you to visit the site frequently and participate and post your comments in the blog. And, please send the URL address to your friends and spread the word about Emerge Lakeland!

Angie and Kim

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Posted by Angie Register

Guest Blogger: Ron Clark - April 4, 2005

On a monthly basis (and perhaps more frequently) the EMERGE Lakeland Blog will feature a Lakeland community leader as a 'Guest Blogger'. Our first guest post was written by Ron Clark, one of the initial leaders in establishing EMERGE Lakeland. The following is his message to our members:

I was asked to write a column for the Emerge Website. As I am an ardent fan of what Emerge does and will do in our community, I am happy to do so.

Emerge began as a joint effort of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Central Florida. Both organizations recognized that the future of our community totally depends on the emergence of new leaders who are not only focused on making their way in the business world but in providing leadership in making our community a better place to live and work. From helping those less fortunate to increasing our cultural opportunities, members of Emerge must lead the way. Emerge members will be the vanguard of the new leadership in our community.

The great byproduct of Emerge involvement is that you will connect with future leaders and create relationships and connections that will benefit you immensely as your business grows. I would urge you not to be satisfied with simply being a member of Emerge, seek civic involvement and leadership in everything you do. I can assure you that myself and many others in our community want you and Emerge to succeed. The future of our community depends on it.

About Ron Clark
Mr. Clark is a senior partner of one of Lakeland's leading law firms and is actively involved in civic and charitable organizations. He currently serves as co-chair of Polk County Vision and chairman of Lakeland Metro Vision. He is past chairman of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce as well as numerous other boards. He is a recipient of the Jere Annis Lakeland Leadership Award for outstanding civic accomplishments. He is a Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer and practices in the areas of Business Law, Land Use and Real Estate Development.

EMERGE Lakeland would like to thank Ron Clark for all that he has contributed to the Lakeland community and EMERGE Lakeland.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

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