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University of South Florida Lakeland Volunteer Fair - July 31, 2006

University of South Florida in Lakeland is hosting an annual Volunteer Fair starting this fall semester. On Monday, September 11 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm in the courtyard on campus, various community agencies will be available to provide information about volunteer opportunities within their agency. In addition, the campus is doing a used cell phone drive that will be donated to domestic violence shelters. On the 5th anniversary of the World Trade Center, we will also have a banner for students, staff, and community members to sign to thank our military troops. The banner will be sent overseas to a troop. Lakeland community members who are interested in learning more about how to volunteer are encouraged to attend the event. For more information, contact the Office of Student Life at studentlife@lakeland.usf.edu or 863-667-7819.

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

Ledger Article with Kim McKeel - July 25, 2006

In Monday's issue of the Ledger Kim McKeel was asked about her favorite website, which she said was www.emergelakeland.com. Click the link below to read more...click here

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

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