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Member Spotlight - Colleen Mangan - April 1, 2013

Name: Colleen Mangan

Age (optional): 33

Member Since: 2006

Personal Motto: With God's help, I will become myself

High fives or fist bumps? High five nerd...residual from too many high school sports!

Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

Profession/Current Position: Community Health Improvement Planner

What did you have for dinner last night? Chipotle

What is your favorite thing about Emerge: What our committees accomplish together! The dedication of people, the fun that we have and the amazing work that gets done in each committee is amazing.

Best present ever received: Love

Would you take $20 or whats in the box? Well...tell me what's in the box first.

Theater or Theatre? YES, please!!

Favorite place to eat in Lakeland: Fresco's

Favorite thing to do in Lakeland: Walk our gorgeous lakes!!

Favorite superhero: Gem, because she was truly outrageous and contagious.

Mac or PC: PC

Passions/Hobbies: Passions: Seeing personal growth in individuals and experiencing what a great team can accomplish when they work together.

Hobbies: Dancing, Kickball, Yoga. I'm not's got to be movement oriented!!

Goal for the year: To maintain a work/LIFE balance :)

Early riser or night owl. Night owl undergoing conversion to early riser.

Favorite ice cream topping: Caramel. Always caramel.

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Posted by emerge

Membership Drive Contest - May 10, 2011

The First Annual EMERGE Membership Drive is already in month two! Refer a new member, make sure they type your name as “referred by” on the application, and you will automatically receive one entry for the monthly prize as well as one entry for the grand prize. The more members you refer the greater your chances to win! Our second monthly prize is a One Hour Massage provided by Ian McIntosh and a manicure from Kristen Nice at Mirabella Spa. The second monthly drawing will take place on June 1st. Don’t forget each time you refer you also receive one entry to win our Grand Prize Apple I-Pad that was generously donated by American Compliance Technologies.

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Posted by Emerge Lakeland

January EMERGE Member Spotlight- Misty Dawn Peacock - January 7, 2010

Misty Dawn Peacock
V.P. of dealer relations/personal banker at Midflorida Credit Union

Q: How did you come to live/work in Lakeland?

A: I was promoted with Midflorida Credit Union and moved to Lakeland about three years ago. I am originally born and raised in the big city of "Bartow,Fl."

Q: What is the worst job you've ever had?

A: I have never experienced a bad job. Every job has been a learning experience in my career.

Q: What are your hobbies and interests?

A: Hobbies: I enjoy hanging out with my family and playing darts with my husband and kids. I am also pretty crazy about horses... just taking time out to feed them a few apples is a big stress reliever for me.

Interests: I enjoy volunteering my time with the Guardian Ad Litem and Make a Wish Foundation programs. What a blessing to have helped a child whose life you may have made a lasting impression upon.

Q: Name one of your favorite Lakeland events and why it’s your favorite.

A: Lakeland's annual Christmas Parade. I love Christmas and the true meaning of the season.

Q: What would you change/add regarding EMERGE to enhance your

A: I would become more involved with the group by volunteering on a committee.

Q: What is the oddest talent that you possess?

A: I have no earthly idea, it all seems odd to me!

Q: Name one guilty pleasure.

A: I love to eat chocolate!!!!

Q: What is the dumbest thing you've ever overheard someone say?

A: "Do I look stupid?"

Q: If you could have grown up during a different decade, which would it be and why?

A: The Roaring ‘20s - I would have wanted to be one of those classy ladies with their big hats and big dresses.


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Posted by Emerge Lakeland

EMERGE Lakeland is now on Facebook and Twitter! - July 14, 2009

Check us out on facebook and/or twitter!!!

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Posted by Emerge Lakeland

EMERGE Name Badges are Now Available! - June 24, 2009

EMERGE Lakeland is now offering permanent name badges. The name badges are made of a hard plastic with a magnetic backing. The EMERGE Lakeland Logo and your name will be displayed on the badge. Badges will be available for pick up at the September event. If you are interested in ordering a name badge, please click here. The cost for the name badge is $10.00. You may purchase them via credit card through the EMERGE Lakeland web site or mail a check to Christine Murphy, Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 3607, Lakeland, FL 33802-3607. Your name badge will not be ordered until payment has been received. Orders must be completed by August 24, 2009.

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Posted by Emerge Lakeland

EMERGE Lakeland Newsletter - October 29, 2008

Check out our most recent newsletter! Click here.

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Posted by Emerge Lakeland

EMERGE Lakeland Newsletter - August 9, 2008

Check out our most recent newsletter. Click here.

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Posted by Emerge Lakeland

Lakeland Flying Tigers Special Invitation - August 13, 2007

Emerge Lakeland has a special invitation for you from the Lakeland Flying Tigers. On Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 7:00 p.m., you may attend the game for free! Our fellow members Zach Burek and Tony Longa have teamed together to offer this special event at no cost to you…but wait, that’s not all! Not only are the tickets free, but so are the parking and snacks! This is an offer too good to be true but we are offering this to our members. Be sure to RSVP to Zach at or 413.4120, or Tony Longa at 499.2910 (ext.2440). This offer expires 12:00 noon on game day so make sure you call or email today.

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

2006 Year in Review - January 11, 2007

Click the link below to view the 2006 year in review slideshow.

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

Being More Than Just a Member - January 9, 2007

Emerge Lakeland has a number of initiatives underway for the new year. As a member of the organization you can take one more step in helping us fulfill our mission by joining the efforts of a sub-committee. The more professional and diverse input we have, the stronger and better we’ll be.

Listed below you will find the current Emerge Lakeland committees, the contact information for each chair and, where applicable, the respective co-chair. If you would like to become more engaged and think you can help make a difference for Emerge, please contact one of the individuals listed below.

Chair: Punam Saxena/Punam’s Perfections (P: 648.2843)
Co-Chair: Shannon Lanier/The Learning Resource Center (P: 688.9477)
Committee Description: Members are charged with coordinating all aspects of the special events slated for 2007 to help ensure all details are carried out to the benefit of Emerge Lakeland members. The Events Committee is responsible for scheduling events, identifying monthly coordinators for each event, and helping with the details of putting the event together (including day of activities such as set up and tear down where needed). The monthly event coordinators may also solicit Emerge members to help on their respective monthly committees. Planning is a critical component of the Events Committee and responsibility rests here to ensure events are planned far enough in advance that everyone enjoys themselves and the events help achieve the mission of Emerge. This committee reports directly to the Emerge Lakeland Steering Committee.

Chair: Alison Anderson/Clark, Campbell & Mawhinney (P: 647.5337
Co-Chair: Rachel Cassidy/FL Southern College (P: 680.6298)
Committee Description: This committee is charged with coordinating all aspects of volunteer opportunities for the 2007 calendar year. The committee members are asked to help make all communications to Emerge Members to ensure they are informed about Emerge Lakeland events and activities and opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. The committee should develop forms of thank you and recognition for Emerge volunteers who get involved in community initiatives. The Volunteer Committee is also charged with communicating volunteer opportunities that exist in the community for members to take advantage of and get involved. This committee must stay closely connected to United Way of Central Florida to understand current needs of the non profit sector and identify how Emerge members can make a difference in helping address these needs. The Volunteer Committee should have a presence at all Emerge Lakeland events manning booths at functions and being prepared to explain the opportunities to members or give referral numbers and contact information for agencies in need of volunteer services. This committee reports directly to the Emerge Lakeland Steering Committee.

Chair: Kristin Carlson/Creative Contractors (P: 603.9439)
Co-Chair: Christina Moore/Waller Construction (P: 688.8870)
Committee Description: The Marketing & Public Relations Committee members are charged with coordinating all communications, branding and public relations efforts for Emerge Lakeland. The committee members will be responsible for media coverage through press releases and notification of events to the appropriate media outlets. Members will design and print letterhead, brochures, and other marketing materials. They will be responsible for communicating all news and events to the Emerge Lakeland members through blogs, emails, newsletters and the website. They will also be charged with communicating to the community Emerge activities. Committee members will promote the branding of Emerge Lakeland through various printed and web-base materials. They will coordinate with all other committees to promote Emerge Lakeland in the best, most effective way. This committee reports directly to the Emerge Lakeland Steering Committee.

Chair: Brian Altman/SunTrust (P: 284.4856)
Co-Chair: Debra Wright/Word Alive Ministries (P: 686.2227)
Committee Description: This committee is charged with coordinating new member orientation at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Membership committee is responsible for growing and maintaining our membership base through activities such as writing letters, making phone calls and providing welcome packets so new members have all the tools to get involved with Emerge. The Membership Committee is also responsible for working closely with the marketing committee to measure retention and develop action plans for addressing needed areas of concern relative to growth and satisfaction of the membership. This committee reports to the Emerge Lakeland Steering Committee.

Chair: Cauney Bamberg/Watson Clinic Foundation (P: 802-6221)
While this is not a long-standing committee commitment there are needs for help in the development of an Emerge Lakeland Strategic Plan to map out the future of Emerge. The Strategic Plan is being developed through three Key Strategic Initiatives. Once the Strategic Plan is adopted the three Advocacy Groups for each Key Strategic Initiatives will only meet on an as-needed basis but until such time, we are diligently working to build an effective and cohesive strategic focus for Emerge.

To get involved, simply contact the Key Strategic Group Leader listed below, as we would encourage your involvement and input.

Key Strategic Initiative (KSI) Contact:
Communication - Kristin Carlson/603.9439
Christina Moore/688.8870

Governance - Sam Nimah/413.8345
Rachel Cassidy/680.6298

Membership - Punam Saxena/648.2843
Steve Madden/682.0013

As always we serve at the pleasure of the membership. Thank you for supporting and believing in Emerge Lakeland now….GET INVOLVED!

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

December Event LEDC Update - December 12, 2006

In December members and guests listened to an economic update on the Lakeland area from Steve Scruggs, Executive Director of the Lakeland Economic Development Council, while enjoying lunch catered by Fresh Choice Plus at Michael Holley Chevrolet. The Lakeland Economic Development Council is a private, non-profit division of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce. The LEDC's primary role is to attract new industry to Lakeland and help facilitate existing industry expansion. For more information visit

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

EMERGE Book Drive a Success! - November 13, 2006

book drive email copy.jpg

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

August Luncheon with Dr. Larry Ross at Florida Southern College - August 14, 2006

On Thursday, August 10th EMERGE members and guests gathered for a buffett lunch at Florida Southern College to listen to Dr. Larry Ross discuss the book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins. Dr. Ross has been with Florida Southern College since 1993 and is the Anne and Bill France Distinguished Professor of Business and the coordinator of the FSC Graduate Program. During the discussion of Good to Great Dr. Ross talked about the Pyramid of Leadership, the 5 Levels of Leadership and their characteristics, the Hedgehog Concept, and much more. He also recommended some other business books for young professionals including:

The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman
Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell
Who Moved my Cheese, by Spencer Johnson
Creating the Competitive Advantage, by Janie Spencer


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Posted by Kristin Carlson

Ledger Article with Kim McKeel - July 25, 2006

In Monday's issue of the Ledger Kim McKeel was asked about her favorite website, which she said was Click the link below to read here

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

Lunch at Grasslands with USF-Lakeland CEO Dr. Marshall Goodman - June 1, 2006

We had a good showing at May's lunch event held at Grasslands. Members and guests enjoyed a lunch buffet while listening to our speaker, Dr. Marshall Goodman, the new CEO of USF-Lakeland.

Grasslands 8 copy.jpg

Grasslands 9 copy.jpg

Grasslands 12 copy.jpg

Grasslands 14 copy.jpg

Grasslands 17 copy.jpg

Grasslands 18 copy.jpg

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

Carolyn Jackson named one of the Women of Distinction - April 17, 2006

Carolyn Jackson was one of ten women named Women of Distinction Thursday by the Lakeland Metro chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners at a ceremony at Eaglebrooke.

carolyn jackson.jpg

Carolyn Jackson

Title/Company: Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

Age: 58

Education: Bachelor's in education

Career: Senior vice president, member relations

Work highlight: Seeing the success of a completed initiative and the relationships that are created through the programs I'm responsible for -- Leadership Lakeland, Emerge Lakeland, the Entrepreneurial Academy.

Observation on women in your line of business: Professional, dedicated to community.

Career aspirations: Whatever I'm doing -- give it my best and stay open to change.

Proudest career moment: Seeing the success of the CommUnity Celebration.

Lowest career point: Re-entering the job market after having been a stay at home mom.

Advice: Never give up. Try to look at issues from others' perspectives.

Top two community activities: McKeel Academy of Technology board of directors; volunteer for Young Patriots Foundation -Congressional Classroom.

What do you do for fun?: Travel, read, spend time with friends.

Favorite book: Currently, "The Secret Lives of Bees"

Family: Children Staci and Todd; three grandchildren.

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Posted by Kristin Carlson

Black & Brew Coffee House Now Open - February 20, 2006

Just received a message from Chris McArthur, one of the owners of Black & Brew Coffee House about the opening this past weekend:

Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro opened this passed Thursday with a bang. So much for a soft opening. Local bands, Woodale and Pemberly played accoustic sets on Friday and Saturday nights. Both nights were "standing room only."

Black & Brew has been in the works for over a year now. Chris & Mike McArthur began putting together their business plan in November of 2004. Though the brothers encountered countless obstacles, their hard work is paying off.

Black & Brew features a menu of outstanding coffee, espresso, and blended drinks, along with gourmet sandwiches, wraps, salads, and paninis. The menu also features the brothers' spin on the old fashioned coffee house, a beer & wine selection.

Live blues, jazz, blue grass, or accoustic music will be provided every Friday and Saturday night, beginning at 8 p.m. Thursday night is open mic night, beginning at 7 p.m.

Hours of operation:
Mon-Wed 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Thursday 6:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday 6:30 a.m. - midnight
Saturday 10 a.m. - midnight

EMERGE Lakeland member's should stop by and support the new eatery!

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Posted by Josh Hallett

EMERGE Member Anu Saxena Wins Award - January 27, 2006

A quick note from David Steele:

Last night at Tampa's Quorum Hotel, Lakeland's own Anu Saxena, President of ASC Geosciences, Inc., was honored by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as the "2006 Minority Business Person of the Year" in the business services sector. Saxena, a finalist in what was by far the night's most competitive category, seemed genuinely surprised.

In his brief and very gracious acceptance remarks, Saxena thanked his family, his employees, and his community. In particular, he cited specific figures from Lakeland's history (Jenkins, Sikes, etc.) who have modeled corporate citizenship. After congratulating all of the other finalists, he concluded by telling a crowd dominated by Hillsborough and Pinellas County residents, "Let me close by making a pitch. If you are a person who values diversity and who has a dream, come to Lakeland.

There is no better place to chase the American dream." There has never been a more spontaneous or eloquent endorsement of a community, and I hope you will have an opportunity to both congratulate Anu and thank him for his dedication to Lakeland and Polk County.

Congrats Anu!

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Posted by Josh Hallett

New EMERGE Lakeland Member's Forum - December 9, 2005

A new web forum has been created for EMERGE Lakeland members at The forum allows any EMERGE member to post topics for discussion, comment on existing posts or just lurk. The forum is only for EMERGE members and does require you to register (a painless process). Once we receive your registration and confirm your membership your account will be activated. Initial forum categories include:

- Out & About: events, restaurants, bars, clubs and other things to do

- Free for All: an open forum for just about anything

- Help Wanted: post job openings that may interest EMERGE members

- Classifieds: want to sell that PS2? list it here

- Get Involved: volunteer opportunities in the community

Like any forum it takes member involvement to get things going. At first glance there isn't much there, but give it time. We'll be seeding some topics, but doing that too much begins to look forced. If you have any questions/comments/concerns e-mail

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Win an iPod Nano - November 7, 2005

nano.jpgAs part of our renewal campaign EMERGE will be giving away an iPod Nano*. If you renew your membership by January 31, 2006 you'll be entered to win.

But wait there is an (*) asterisk you say! Yes there is.

When we came up with the idea to give away a Nano it was the hottest thing on the block. Then Apple annouced the new iPod with video. The video-pod is out of our price range, but the Nano is not.

So what does this have to do with the asterisk?

Well Apple might just introduce something new or upgrade their current iPod line-up before January 31, 2006. With the asterisk we reserve the right to upgrade the prize as we see fit. At worst you'll win an iPod Nano, at best something better :-)

Of course you need to renew to be entered to win.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

It's Time to Renew - November 7, 2005

2005 is almost over so that means it's time to renew your EMERGE Lakeland membership. You can renew your membership online or do it the old-fashioned way and download the form.

We have a number of fun events planned for 2006 plus a few other interesting items:

  • A social event at the Promenade on Lake Mirror
  • “Aprons” - a popular cooking/social event
  • “1st Tee” - a reception held at 1st Tee with some golfing contests
  • Midnight Bowling
  • Emerge Meets Submerge – a social event blending the generations
  • Visits to human services agencies
  • Impromptu gatherings before work and after work via messages on the website and e-mail (think of it as EMERGE smart mobs)

Just click here to renew.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

EMERGE Membership Survey - September 7, 2005

In an effort to help EMERGE Lakeland plan events for 2006 we have created a survey for our members to provide feedback. The online survey will only take a few minutes to complete and we thank you in advance for your participation.

Click here to complete the EMERGE Lakeland Event Survey.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

New Downtown Coffee House & Bistro - June 23, 2005

EMERGE Lakleand members Chris McArthur and Isaac Hartmann are part of a group that is opening a new restuarant in downtown Lakeland. The Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro will be located at 205 E. Main Street, directly across from Munn Park. Construction has already begun!

I talked to Chris about the new venture, here's what he had to say:

The new restaurant is a fusion between the coffee products of Starbucks and the deli-like sandwiches of a Crispers or Panera Bread.

In addition, we thought that there needed to be something else to do in Lakeland on the weekend besides the movies, bar hopping or eating out. We will offer live blues, jazz or accoustic style music in a very social environment each Friday and Saturday night. We'll leave Thursday nights for "open mic."

If everything goes as planned, Black & Brew should be open by the first week of August. I'll post an update once the opening is a bit closer. Perhaps we can schedule an EMERGE only preview night.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Recap of Lake Mirror Tower Event - June 14, 2005

Last week we had a great crowd come out to see the new Lake Mirror Tower for our June event. The Tower graciously hosted over 80 EMERGE members and guests, which comprises our largest attendance at a monthly event to date.

EMERGE Lakeland at Lake Mirror Tower

The evening began with a networking game and then we heard from Jim Malless, President of Historic Lakeland (pictured below). He gave a great in depth presentation on the history of the project, as well as the adjacent Promenade, and also took us through a timeline of Historic Lakeland dating back from the 1920's to the present.

Lakeland Historic Society

Next, two of the Lake Mirror Tower hosts conducted tours of the building and then everyone gathered back in the common area for some raffle drawings.

The Tower has been restored back to its original grandeur and is certainly a prominent component in our downtown area. They are still leasing apartments so anyone who is looking to move to a great location and setting should definitely visit and check it out.

More photos can be found on Flickr.

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Posted by Angie Register

Agenda for June Event- Lake Mirror Tower - June 1, 2005

Below is the agenda for our next event at the new Lake Mirror Tower Apartment Complex. The Tower is located at 103 S. Massachusetts Ave. Lakeland, FL.

You may RSVP here.

5:30 p.m.- Arrival, Begin Networking Activity
6:00- Announcements, Presentation from Jim Malless, President of Historic Lakeland
6:15- Tour of Tower, conducted by Cheryl Meehan
6:45- Regroup for Raffle Drawings and Prizes
After the event, everyone is welcome to join the EMERGE steering committee at The Terrace for drinks, dinner, etc.

There is parking onsite at the Lake Mirror Tower garage. The lower level can be utilized. Once this is full, please park at the Main Street Downtown Lakeland garage and walk across Massachusetts Ave. to the Tower.

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Posted by Angie Register

ReCap of May Event- The Salvation Army - May 18, 2005

Last night, we had a nice group visit the Salvation Army Center of Hope facility. A tour of the facility was given and then EMERGE members participated in serving the clients of the Salvation Army dinner. There was great discussion and questions asked by our group and we learned some of the needs of the Salvation Army.

They include volunteers, the adoption of an aparment in their transitional living facility, and the donation of playground equipment that meets their safety requirements. With the adoption of a transitional living apartment, you would basically furnish it with linens, towels, kitchen utensils, pretty things to make it feel like home, and cooking “stuff” for the new families who come in. The families can live there for 2 years, and are able take everything with them when they leave to help them get set up on their own.

One of the highlights of the evening came when we had a personal testimony from one of our EMERGE members who has a cousin who is living in the Salvation Army’s transitional living center, and how the experience had really been a blessing. It was great to hear a firsthand account of the impact that the Salvation Army has had on our community.

I know the Salvation Army was very appreciative of our coming to learn more about their organization and interacting with their clients. Thanks to everyone who attended the event!

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Posted by Angie Register

Structure of Emerge and the Steering Committee - April 19, 2005

Kim and I wanted to take an opportunity to explain to everyone the structure of our group and the steering committee. As you know, Emerge is a United Way and Lakeland Chamber partnership and Emerge began with various representation from each side. We joined together to create our steering committee early last year.

The Steering Committee includes Angie and Kim as Co-Chairs, Carolyn Jackson and Ileana San Martin are Chamber staff liasons, Cauney Boydston is the United Way staff liason, Brian Altman is the Board liason for United Way, Angie is the Chamber Board liason, and Patrick Fagan is in charge of Member Relations for Emerge. In 2006, Angie will roll off as Co-Chair and Patrick will come on board as a Chair. We will then select a new Member Relations representative and that person will roll on as a Chair the next year. All of us make up what we call our Core Committee.

Additionally, we have other members who round out the remainder of the Steering Committee and they represent a variety of backgrounds and professions. One of our main goals is diversity and inclusion on our committee and we have worked hard to assemble a group which represents all facets of the community. The steering committee terms are for two years and each year, there will be new ones joining as well as people rolling off, but at all times there will be old mixed with new so that we stay consistent.

As a Steering Committee, we meet monthly for an hour. In the beginning we met twice monthly and throughout our time together, the committee has been charged with selecting a name and logo for our group, creating our mission and laying out the basics of our structure, as well as event planning, communications, forming partnerships with our sponsors and community supporters, encouraging membership, and creating our website.

Each steering committee member has also selected a monthly event that they are in essence responsible for in terms of planning, etc. Stay tuned for the next installment of this post- I will discuss our Events and how our Emerge members can get involved in helping the Steering Committee! The third installment of this post will discuss our strategic planning and some ideas that we have for 2006, so please stay tuned to the blog for more information!

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Posted by Angie Register

PMOA Recap - April 18, 2005

EMERGE Lakeland at the Polk Museum of ArtA big thanks to all the EMERGE Lakeland members who were able to attend the event last Thursday night at the Polk Museum of Art. I have post a few photos from the on Flickr. I was able to meet quite a few members that I had not talked to before.

In June our event will be a tour of the Lake Mirror Tower, but I found out at the PMOA event that we have an EMERGE member that is already living in in the Tower. She is one of the first dozen or so to live in downtown Lakeland.

Any issues with living downtown? Parking.

The next scheduled member event is Cocktails with the Commodore. Come join Lakeland Yacht & Country Club Commodore, Ron Clark, for a special evening. Ron Clark was one of the original community leaders who helped start EMERGE Lakeland. Ron was also our first 'Guest Blogger' and is an all-around nice guy.

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Posted by Josh Hallett

Polk Museum Event Today 5:30 p.m. - April 14, 2005

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Polk Museum event. We are very excited about this one in terms of location, activities, and the music and food. It will be a great time, so please join us even if you have not RSVP'd!

Our next event, Cocktails with the Commodore, at the Lakeland Yacht and Country Club is free for members to attend, so we hope you can come to this one, too, on Tuesday April 26th at 5:30 p.m.

If you have any questions about any of our events, please e-mail anyone on the steering committee or post a comment. Thanks!

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Posted by Angie Register

Philanthropic Opportunities - April 6, 2005

As part of our Emerge mission, we hope that our members will become philanthropically active in organizations within our community. Many of you already sit on Boards of various agencies or volunteer with different groups.

If your group has an event or is in need of help, this is the place to post your information and requests. We encourage everyone to check the site for updates and to stay plugged in.

If we can be of assistance in any way with helping you learn more about various agencies and organizations, please post a comment or contact Cauney Boydston, our United Way staff member, who is part of our steering committee. She is one of our blog contributors and has access to a variety of organizations and events through her work with United Way.

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Posted by Angie Register

Welcome to the Emerge Website - April 5, 2005

As the Co-Chairs of Emerge, we would like to welcome you to the Emerge website. We are very excited to have the website officially up and running. The creation of a website was a key area of concern for us when we initially formed Emerge. We wanted our members and guests to have quick access to information concerning Emerge as well as a forum to communicate online with other Emerge members and guests.

We encourage you to visit the site frequently and participate and post your comments in the blog. And, please send the URL address to your friends and spread the word about Emerge Lakeland!

Angie and Kim

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Posted by Angie Register

Saxena Lecture Series Kicks Off - March 30, 2005

EMERGE member Anu Saxena (as well as EMERGE sponsor ASC Geosciences) and his family have created an endowed lecture series at the Lakeland campus of USF.

The Saxena Family Endowed Lecture Series kicked off on Tuesday, March 29 with Robin Murphy, director of USF's Center for Robot Assisted Search and Rescue and the University of Minnesota's Cooperative Research Center on Safety Security Rescue. She discussed the use of robotic technologies for rescue missions.

From the USF Lakeland web site:

The University of South Florida Lakeland campus and the Saxena Family are pleased to present the Saxena Family Endowed Lecture Series (SFELS). This esteemed lecture series will enable the local campus to bring in renowned speakers for community and scholarly presentations.

This series was established to facilitate the academic programs and topical interests of the greater Lakeland area.

Congrats to Anu and his family!

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Posted by Josh Hallett

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